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Nobody likes downtime in their business, and having your HVAC, refrigeration, electrical,
or plumbing systems be the cause can be a nightmare. Medford Wellington offers
customizable Preventative Maintenance plans for all of our trades to help our client’s do
all they can to prevent unnecessary and costly repairs and strive for trouble-free
operation. Our PM plans can help your business save money, extend the longevity of
your systems, and help keep up employee morale with a comfortable working

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Sample HVAC PM checklist

Sample Refrigeration PM checklist

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Sample Plumbing PM checklist

How can a PM plan do all of this? Let’s take a more in-depth look:

Decreased costly repairs – While eliminating repairs entirely is not possible, you can
decrease costly repairs and replacements by having your equipment professionally
maintained and inspected regularly. If a PM visit is able to catch a fan belt that is
beginning to rip then replacing it before it completely snaps can prevent a lot of internal
damage to the unit. The same goes for plumbing as checking on a water boiler may
prevent a major breakdown, or with electrical, it could prevent a short circuit or possibly
even a fire.

Extended longevity of your system – Dirty, clogged, or inefficient systems work much
harder to get the job done, and in turn, that means more wear and tear. This can lead to
your equipment failing well before its expected lifespan. A cleaning here or a new small
piece there could prevent thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs.

Increased employee morale – Nobody likes to work somewhere where it is to cold or
hot, the lights don’t work correctly, or they can’t even have warm water to wash their
hands. Keeping all of your systems in tip-top shape can increase employee morale
which will in-turn lead to an increase in efficiency.

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