One reason Medford Wellington Services has become such a trusted leader in home repair and installation services in the Greater New England area is that we’ve got decades of experience in more than one vital area.

Every home, regardless of size, interior design, or location needs certain things in order to remain habitable. These features include structural soundness, protection from the elements, heating, electrical power, and last but not least, a potable water supply.

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the water that flows in and out of your home so easily.

Until it’s not flowing, that is.

Sometimes our plumbing systems give us subtle signs that something is wrong, but we’re just too busy to notice. If you want to catch small plumbing repairs before they get bigger, keep this list of warning signs handy.


After you’ve lived in a home or apartment, you get to be familiar with the average utility bill. Things may fluctuate in the winter, when the heat is on, or in the summer, when your kids are always filling up the kiddy pool, but in general you know what to expect. If you notice a sudden and unexpected spike in your water bill one month, a leak or other plumbing issue is probably to blame. Call Medford Wellington for plumbing services right away.


Even small leaks can cause massive problems when they give rise to mold and mildew. Not only does this fungus look bad and create bad smells, it can also cause health issues among your pets and family members. Look for the tell-tale black and white spots that indicate mold growth, then search for the leaky pipe or faucet that’s helping them grow. If you can’t find the source, call Medford Wellington for plumbing services.


Do you ever reach for the cotton balls under your bathroom sink, only to find that half the bag is mysteriously wet? Unexplained water pooling under cabinets or around appliances that use water is a tell-tale sign that there’s a leak somewhere.


Are you constantly asking your family members “what’s that smell?” You check the litter box and the trash can, but they don’t seem to hold the answer to your nasal mystery. That’s because the foul odor is coming from your drain, and the reason is a dried out P trap or perhaps a clog somewhere deep within the system. Call Medford Wellington for prompt plumbing service so you can stop spraying air freshener everywhere you go.


The last sign that your plumbing system needs service isn’t really a sneaky one, but it’s definitely something that all homeowners should watch for. Discoloration of your faucet water, even when very slight, could indicate that your water heater is on its last leg. Don’t wait until it fails completely! Call Medford Wellington for plumbing services immediately.