Medford Wellington Service has been providing quality plumbing services to customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1967, but that doesn’t mean we’re limited to unclogging drains and installing new showers.

As expert plumbers based in the Billerica area, we’ve had the pleasure of servicing hundreds of commercial customers as well, especially those in the restaurant business.

Grease traps are an important but often messy part of the restaurant business, and if yours has been giving you problems lately, it’s time to call the plumbers at Medford Wellington Service.

What Causes A Grease Interceptor To Overflow?

Here are some of the most reasons that a grease interceptor, known more commonly as a grease trap, might overflow.

  • The outlet line from the trap is obstructed
  • The inlet line leading to the trap is obstructed
  • There is a partial obstruction potentially inside the baffles or in the outlet line
  • There is an obstruction in either a branch or a mainline

Our Experienced Plumbers Can Deal With Your Problematic Grease Interceptor

A grease trap that refuses to drain or is overflowing into your commercial kitchen is both a health and safety hazard, and needs to be dealt with by an experienced emergency plumber. It’s important that you don’t just call the same Billerica plumber who unclogs your shower or toilet at home, because they don’t have the knowledge of commercial kitchen grease drainage systems that’s necessary in this emergency.

Instead, contact the experienced plumbing experts at Medford Wellington. We’ve solved many grease trap problems and will have your kitchen back up and running in no time. Call now!