Heated water is one of the most convenient luxuries of modern living. Nothing makes you pick up the phone faster and call your plumber than hopping into a cold shower in the morning.

But water heaters usually do not break overnight. The degree of catastrophe from a broken water heater can range from low water pressure to a dangerous explosion. There are common warning signs that can let you know it might be time to invest in a new system or make some repairs, before anything dramatic happens.


  1. Lack of Hot Water: This is probably the most obvious sign of a problem. It could be something as small as needing to relight the pilot light, but it could also mean a total system replacement. But why does this happen? Usually mineral deposits from the water build up on the inside of the tank, meaning the heating system cannot reach the water. Eventually your water heater will be working overtime to try and fix the problem, which can lead to leaks or control failure – both of which can result in a full heater replacement.
  2. Water Heater Making Noise: Believe it or not, the weird popping, rumbling, and gurgling sounds coming from your water heater are not normal. This can be an indicator of the metal tank failing, and you can expect a leak soon after this. If your kids are afraid to go near the water heater because they think it’s actually a monster, you should probably contact a plumber.
  3. Rusty Water: This seems like a no-brainer, but rusty water can be caused by a number of issues. Your water heater could be rusting away on the inside, or it might be a problem with your pipes. Either way, it is best to immediately call a plumber if you suspect rust in your water.
  4. Water Where Water Shouldn’t Be: Any time you have water where it doesn’t belong, you should call your plumber. But if water is pooling around your water heater, you probably have a leak or crack in the tank, or in the pipes coming off of the tank. As a water heater warms up, the metal expands and even the smallest crack can start to leak.


The issues above can lead to both danger and inconvenience. The best way to make sure your family is safe and has hot water is to have a plumber come in for an annual tune-up. Just like a car, your water heater needs yearly maintenance to keep performing at its best. This will extend the life of your water heater in the long run, and save you money from catching problems before they arise.

However, if you’re in Massachusetts or New Hampshire and are experiencing any of the problems above, be sure to give Medford Wellington Services a call today! Easy fixes can become expensive burdens if not taken care of right in a timely manner, and when your comfort and safety are on the line, you can’t afford to wait.