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Hard work completes the job; safety gets you home.

The health and wellbeing of our employees, as well as anyone else in and around a jobsite, is an integral part of the culture at Medford Wellington. We work to educate our employees to conduct themselves in the safest manner possible from arrival at the site through the proper clean up procedures. With a combination of classroom training, in the field experience, industry specific guest consultations, weekly safety communications, quality assurance checks and more, we are constantly training and continuing the safety education of our employees.

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Our comprehensive internal Safety Program includes:

  • New Hire Training: A thorough 24-hour safety orientation which includes ladder safety, fall protection, PPE, on-site housekeeping, lockout tagout, electrical safety, fire prevention and awareness, portable lift training, driver training and more.

  • We encourage our employees to use “Stop Work Authority.” If they feel unsafe or that the conditions pose a threat they are allowed to stop work immediately and then inform their supervisor to investigate.

  • Monthly Safety Committee meetings.

  • An employee safety recognition plan with incentives for meeting safety goals.

  • Accident Investigation Team: This multi-department team meets after accidents, both large and small, to investigate the cause of the accident and to provide the whole company with Lessons Learned from the process.

  • Internal Safety Manual.

  • Complete accident reporting including near misses.

  • In-house site safety inspections run by Management and Supervisor teams in addition to 3rd party site safety inspections.

  • Outside safety consultants.

  • Devotion to training and the continuing education of our employees.

  • Weekly “Tool Box Talks” to keep field employees up to date on Safety innovations and changes.

  • Hazard recognition program.

  • Quality assurance checks .

  • In-house technical support teams for HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing and Electrical.

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Our certifications include:

  • OSHA 10 & 30

  • EPA Universal

  • Aerial Lift Certification

  • Manufacturer Certified Training

  • NFPA Hot Work

Our Safety Department never takes a day off either! In addition to all the internal work they do, they also head out to other organizations such as ABC Mass, The Mass SIG Group, OSHA and more to help spread new safety ideas to peers in our field. We strive to provide our employees, and everyone on the job site, the safest working environment possible.