Can you believe it’s almost spring? While many of us will experience snow well into March, before we know it April, May, and June will be here with warm sunshine, blossoming flowers, and a whole lot of cleaning tasks. For most homeowners, spring is the time we put away all of our winter clothes and deep-clean the house after a long, cold winter.

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“Spring Cleaning” has been around for longer than you would think. The deep-cleaning of our homes comes from the days before electric and gas heat when homes were kept warm with wood burning fireplaces during the winter. Efforts would be made to board up windows, doors, and cracks where the warm air could escape. Of course, by the time spring came around, homes were covered in ash and soot. Thus, Spring Cleaning would begin.

Whether you’re planning a big deep clean in the coming months or will just continue along with the usual cleaning tasks, don’t pass over this timely opportunity to have your HVAC serviced. You can wipe your home from ceiling to floor with bleach but a dirty HVAC system will have it covered in dust and dander in a day.

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Your HVAC unit circulates conditioned air through your home. If components of this system are dirty, or grimy, it can send those pollutants flying around your home. Dirty air conditioning units can result in a buildup of dust, dander, bacteria, fungi, pollen, and other allergens that get pushed out of ducts and settle on surfaces around your home, including on you! Some studies have shown that air inside of a home which has foregone HVAC cleaning and maintenance can be dirtier than the air in a big city.

Not only does a dirty air conditioning unit pollute your air, it also makes the whole system run less efficiently and heightens the risk for a major breakdown. Not only will your unit be worse at cooling the air, it will also have a harder time dehumidifying it, opening up the possibility for mold and mildew. And while most homeowners could change an air filter by themselves, there is so much more that needs to be cleaned.


Thoroughly cleaning your HVAC unit is a big task that involves a lot of attention to detail. Depending on the type of HVAC unit you have will depend on the steps needed to clean it. However, everything from the condenser coil unit outside to the air ducts in the walls to the evaporator drain need to be thoroughly cleaned to reap the benefits of better air quality.

Having a professional HVAC service come out and handle this can ensure that your unit is being cleaned correctly and thoroughly. Your HVAC technician can also do a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in working order and there are no red flags.


If you own an office building or other commercial space, you still need to have a thorough HVAC cleaning every so often. This is especially beneficial for business owners. Not only does a clean air conditioning and heating unit create a pleasant environment for your employees, but the high air quality can help reduce the number of employee sick days due to colds and allergies.


Medford Wellington is the HVAC service you can count on to get the job done right the first time. When we come out to your home or business, you can trust that our techs are the friendliest and most respectful in the business. While you’re busy Spring Cleaning, we’ll be sure to do our part to keep our work area clean and orderly. Get a quote today for an upcoming HVAC service!