In our last blog, we talked about some of the myths that homeowners and businesses have come to believe about their HVAC system. We talked a lot about the importance of changing your filters regularly and whether or not you can change your filters on your own (homeowners can and should, businesses should not). So in today’s blog, we thought that we would talk about some other myths that many people believe when it comes to controlling their heating and air conditioning.

Changing the thermostat to change the temperature faster

The thermostat is only the device that controls when your heating and air conditioning turns off and on. It will not change its efficiency by lowering or raising the temperature. Think of it like this, if you are waiting for an elevator, does pressing the call button make it arrive any faster? No. The same is true for your heating and air conditioning unit.

Turning off the AC requires more energy because it has to get going again.

When you turn any system off for a period of time, you are going to save money and energy because the system will not be running. However, if you are turning off the AC on extremely hot nights and starting the system every morning, you can wear out your system faster. One recommendation we have is to lower the temp on colder days when you aren’t around and raise it on hotter days that way your system is not having to work too hard.

The location of the thermostat doesn’t affect the HVAC system

If your thermostat is sitting near a heat source like a sunny window, then it will read that it is warmer than it is in your house. Your system could be overcompensating which can get expensive so you should consider relocating it.

Don’t worry! We have many more myths for you to learn about so make sure that you come back next time to educate yourself on your HVAC system.