Although the fall weather in the Northeastern U.S. is quite enjoyable right now, it will quickly give way to what some are predicting will be one of the stormiest winters in years.

It’s in these months before the storm that business owners in Billerica and surrounding areas should be thinking about HVAC service and whether or not their furnace is ready for what’s coming.

When the temperature drops suddenly, your commercial property’s furnace kicks into gear, perhaps for the first time in months. But if you haven’t hired a professional HVAC service company to perform seasonal maintenance and repairs on your furnace, you could find yourself in a very chilling situation.

What could happen if you don’t call Medford Wellington Service Co. for furnace repair and maintenance service?

  • Inhospitable temperatures that result in loss of business
  • Damage to inventory or stock that needs to be kept warm
  • Freezing pipes that may later burst, flooding your business
  • Damage to the furnace itself that will require costly replacement

Winter is already hard enough on Northeastern businesses. You never know whether you’re going to wake up to two feet of snow, or a slick coating of ice that cuts into your ability to provide goods and services to your customers.

Don’t put your commercial property at risk for these HVAC nightmares. Instead, call the furnace service and repair experts at Medford Wellington today! We are proud to service businesses throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Get your online quote for HVAC service today!