We all want our HVAC systems to run smoothly and correctly all of the time. Most of us would rather leave it to its own devices and not worry about it. Unfortunately, we cannot do this. Many of us have misconceptions about our HVAC systems so we thought that we would try to correct some of the myths you might believe are true.

You don’t need to replace filters on a regular basis.

Eventually, there is going to be so much dirt and dust filling up your air filter that air will not be able to get through. Replacing your air filter will help your HVAC system work better and last longer. It will also help conserve energy and save you money. There are filters that need to be replaced once a month, once every three months and some that last even longer.

We can change air filters by ourselves.

For homeowners this is true… for the most part. You should still get regular check-ups for your HVAC system so that the professional can make sure that everything is running properly. It is much more difficult to change the air filters on your own in a commercial building. We recommend that you call us to help you replace the filter.

You only need to replace your air filter once a year.

Again, for residential HVAC this is true, as we have mentioned previously. But for commercial HVAC, you will need to talk with the professional that comes out to your business so that they can recommend how often to replace your filter.

These are just a few of the myths that we would like to cover with you. If you need expert advice on your air filters, give us a call today.