Have questions? Below are some of the questions asked most frequently during the first call to us, as well as some more that we think are great to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We are able to perform the following services in each of the listed areas: HVAC & Refrigeration – MA, CT, NH, & RI Plumbing – MA Electrical – MA, NH, & RI

A: We can service almost any type of Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration equipment! From walk-in freezers to air handlers to exhaust fans, we can do it.

A: Unfortunately, we can not provide over the phone advice for clients. However, for our technicians, we have a Gould-certified trainer on staff to assist in technical matters. We also have our technicians set up in teams led by an experienced and knowledgeable Field Service Manager who are able to assist with any technical questions.

A: If you are looking to have a new system installed or replacing an existing one, then we can come out for a free estimate. Any work that involves diagnostics or the state of a current system would be run as a service call and therefore would be billable.

A: We try to accommodate requests for specific technicians but it is not always possible.

A: Currently, we do not service oil equipment.

A: Diagnostic and repair services can take a varied amount of time depending on the piece of equipment. While we can not guarantee the time it takes to perform our work, our technicians will do their best to communicate a reasonable estimate to you.

A: Yes, we both install and service commercial HVAC and Refrigeration equipment. When you install a new system with us our Project Managers will work with you on options for maintaining your equipment!

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Should Ask Questions

A: Any information you can provide up-front will help reduce our on-site time gathering technical info about your units.

A: If you have a lot of equipment or a large space then this can be very helpful!

A: We offer customized PM programs based on your needs and the use of the space where the equipment lives.

A: While our tech’s vary in the number of years they’ve been in the field, they are all trained both by our own Gould-Certified trainer but also by external schools and manufacturers. None of our apprentices are sent out on their own until we are confident they can handle almost any issue they come across.

A: If there is something that would be in the way of our technician reaching the piece of equipment, it would be best if that could be moved ahead of time. Due to safety concerns we can not promise ahead of time what we will be able to workaround.

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