If you run a restaurant, grocery store, or any other type of commercial enterprise that requires refrigeration, realizing that one of your units has suddenly quit keeping things cool is a devastation moment. At the very least, you’re going to suffer losses because of spoiled food (it doesn’t actually have to be rotten, it just needs to dip below a certain temperature to become unsafe for consumption), and if you’re really unlucky, you’ll have to completely shut down until you can arrange commercial refrigeration repair.

Here at Medford Wellington, we’re extremely proud of the fact that we’ve become the go-to electricians and commercial refrigeration repair experts that more people call when they have an appliance that’s acting up. We also understand that you have many choices when it comes to hiring an electrician or commercial refrigeration repair technician in Massachusetts, Connecticut, southern New Hampshire or southern Maine. Hiring the wrong electrician will only prolong your problem and increase your out of pocket repair costs.

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  1. Go Local – When you’re dealing with commercial refrigeration problems, you don’t have time to wait–you need help ASAP! Hiring a local electrician as opposed to someone in the next city or county will only increase your suffering. Hiring locally also makes it easier to get follow up care in the event that the problem happens again or a new part news to be order.
  2. Check References – You wouldn’t hire a babysitter or visit a new restaurant without checking references and reading reviews, and the same goes for hiring an electrician. Always look for REAL reviews on the website of any commercial refrigeration repair technician you’re considering, or check qualified review platforms like Facebook, Google+, and the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Ask About Legal Compliance – When your business is on the line, you need to make sure that your commercial refrigeration expert has all of the proper licenses, certifications, and insurance to complete the job properly. If it’s found that your business received work from an unlicensed, uninsured electrician, you could suffer penalties.
  4. Ask For A Written Estimate – When hiring a commercial refrigeration repair person, you may be so thrilled that they can come look at your appliance right away that you forget to inquire as to what this job is going to cost you. Pump the brakes, and be sure to get every single cost and fee in writing before they touch your appliance. Failure to do so could put you at risk for surprise charges down the road.
  5. Get A Full Explanation – Yes, you hired a commercial electrician because they are the expert. However, a truly great refrigeration professional should be able to explain exactly what’s wrong and how they’re going to fix it in a way that you can understand. If not, they may be trying to confuse you or charge you for a repair you don’t really need.


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