In a previous blog, we discussed the fact that our plumbing services in Billerica aren’t limited to toilets and sinks.

In fact, Medford Wellington’s expert plumbers are often called upon to provide services like grease interceptor installation and repair or ice machine maintenance at businesses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We’re also known for providing commercial electrician services as well, and if you’re a restaurant you’ve probably got plenty of refrigeration equipment equipment that could use our skills from time to time.


Refrigeration repairs are some of the most important and costly aspects of running a restaurant, because refrigeration is so essential to food safety. If your entire inventory spoils (or worse, develops invisible bacteria growth!) it puts your entire operation at risk.

Medford Wellington is available to perform commercial refrigeration repairs throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire if something goes wrong. Want to avoid costly commercial refrigeration repairs? Use these handy maintenance tips!

  • Tighten electrical connections in the electrical panel
  • Check fan motors and blades
  • Check all defrost heaters
  • Clean the drain pain and check for proper drainage
  • Clean evaporator coil surface
  • Check oil levels (compressor units)
  • Check for the proper refrigerant level in the system (compressor units)

If the tips above sound like they’re written in a foreign language, don’t worry. Most people who have refrigeration equipment in their commercial space don’t know the first thing about how to maintain it!


That’s why Medford Wellington is here. We can perform all of the commercial refrigeration maintenance and repairs that you don’t have time for. Focus on taking care of your customers and leave the commercial refrigeration repairs and other electrical services up to us!