Although this autumn has been unseasonably warm, we’re well aware that winter will soon burst upon the scene, coating Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut in a layer of snow, ice, and slush that won’t budge until springtime arrives to thaw us out.

Although services like snow removal and furnace repair get a lot of attention during the cold months of winter, it’s important not to forget your friendly electricians at Medford Wellington Services.

The low temperatures and heavy precipitation that’s common during winter months can wreak havoc with the electrical systems at homes and businesses. In order to keep things powered up properly, keep these safety tips in mind. Remember, if anything seems like it’s not working properly, call the electricians at Medford Wellington in Billerica for rapid service throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.


1. Use space heaters with caution – Whether you’re using these portable heating devices to save energy or simply make a drafty room more comfortable, it’s important to exercise caution. Never run a space heater’s cord under carpet or furniture, don’t use a space heater in a wet or damp area, and never connect your heater with an extension cord. Heaters pull a lot of electrical current in order to warm the room so quickly and as such can cause extension cords to overheat.

2. Be careful with electric blankets – Many people in the New England area rely on electrically-heated blankets to keep them warm during the cold winter nights. It’s important to remember that these blankets are electrical appliances, however, and must be used with care. Don’t ever fold or tuck in your electric blanket when it’s switched on, and always check the cord for damage before you plug it in.

3. Have your HVAC system inspected – You’re going to be relying on your HVAC system a lot this winter, and it’s important to make sure it’s up to the task. With Medford Wellington Services, you have the convenience of calling a qualified electrician that also performs HVAC system inspections and repairs. Before the snow starts to fly, contact us for a full system inspection. We’ll identify problems before they make you shiver.


4. Stay away from downed power lines – Ice and snow storms have the nasty ability to disrupt the flow of power in residential and commercial areas. If you notice that the lines running into your house or place of business have been damaged by a storm, stay away and call the power company immediately.

5. Stay in your car – Icy, snowy roads mean that there will be countless car wrecks caused by skidding and slipping. If you lose control of your vehicle and hit a power pole, the best thing to do is STAY in your vehicle (unless your car is on fire). Getting out of the vehicle puts you at risk for shock.


Whether you encounter electrical problems inside your home or outside your business this winter, Medford Wellington is there to provide the residential and commercial services you need. Contact us today.