Sheet Metal

Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut

Custom Design | Install | Repair

Whether you are working with Medford Wellington on a full scale HVAC project or are in need of metalwork done for an existing commercial build, our project managers will work with you on a solution to fit your building’s needs. Every one of our sheet metal clients comes to us with unique requirements and specifications and our project managers work closely with them to ensure that everything is done right the first time, and that all needed aspects are planned for and included ahead of time.  

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At Medford Wellington Services, we’re the undisputed industry leader when it comes to in-house sheet metal fabrication and welding. Whether your project involves stainless steel, aluminum, or many other metals, we’ve got the tools and experience to fully customize it to your exact specifications.

Our service area includes Southern New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We also know that some sheet metal fabrication projects need to move to the head of the line and get done immediately. That’s why Medford Wellington never closes. We offer emergency service availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


  • CAD Design & Planning

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Welding

  • Bending

Product Examples:

  • Custom Ductwork Fabrication

  • Exhaust Ductwork For Commercial Kitchens

  • Grease Ducts

  • Custom Safety/Belt Guard Fabrication

  • Emergency Fan Replacement

  • Curb Adapters

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