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Refrigeration is an expensive and vital portion to our customers livelihoods, and we go out to each service call with that in mind.  From bars & restaurants to kitchens in assisted living facilities to break rooms in an office building, we have the experienced technicians to diagnose and repair your troubled units.  In addition to our emergency services, our refrigeration PM plans have proven to be valued addition to our clients facility management plans.

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Safety Inspections / Preventative Maintenance​ – No one plans to have a critical coolers, ice machine, or freezer go down. Medford Wellington’s refrigeration inspections and preventative maintenance plans can help reduce to chance of that happening.

Troubleshooting & Repair​ – Having issues with your system? Our experienced technicians will be able to analyze and diagnose any problems within your refrigeration systems during routine inspections, during the business day on service calls, or at 3am on an emergency call.

Food Safety​ – Whether you run a commercial kitchen for a large company, a fast food joint, or a high end eatery, the state of your refrigeration affects the quality, and ultimate safety, of your produce. Bacteria grows rapidly in the right circumstances and the moment your cooler/freezer begins to rise in temperature you risk spoiling valuable product.  In turn, that puts customers, and your bottom line, at risk with wasted food.  A properly maintained cooler is a safe cooler!

Ice Machine Cleaning​ – Don’t forget that ice is food! The FDA defines ice as a food and therefore a clean ice machine is a must for both safety and compliance reasons. Medford Wellington can take care of your ice machine needs a la carte or as part of our all-inclusive maintenance plans. We will take care of all the cleaning required by the manufacturer, ensuring it’s done with the correct frequency, with the right cleaning materials, and with the confidence that we’ll get to all those hard to reach portions that require disassembly.

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  • Medical Freezers

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