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Commercial Refrigeration Services In MA, RI, NH & CT

Keep Your Products Extra Fresh With Expert Commercial Refrigeration Services

Whether your business experiences an emergency refrigeration issue or you’re interested in safeguarding it from future glitches, Medford Wellington’s skilled technicians are available for all your commercial refrigeration needs. 

We’re never closed and we’re always close by, providing emergency repair services and preventative maintenance plans for walk-in & reach-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, display cases, blast chillers, medical freezers and more. 

Call today for all your commercial refrigeration needs.

Reliable Commercial Refrigeration Services in RI, MA, CT & Southern NH

Once you make the valuable decision to invest in commercial refrigeration, you’ll want it to deliver every step of the way. We know quality refrigeration is a vital part of your business bottom line. That’s why we help you sustain it with superior service that never sleeps

We work on:

  • Walk-In / Reach-In Coolers
  • Walk-In / Reach-In Freezers
  • Ice Machines
  • Display Cases
  • Medical Freezers
  • Blast Chillers

From restaurants to bars to office building break rooms and much more, Medford Wellington’s highly-skilled technicians are trained to diagnose and repair troubled units and prevent costly commercial refrigeration complications from undermining your business.

We provide:

  • Safety Inspections & Preventative Maintenance​ - Who wants to wake up to a fully-flooded ice machine or a pile of spoiled goods? No one. Our safety inspections and preventative maintenance plans ensure costly refrigeration emergencies don’t sneak up on your business. 
  • Troubleshooting & Repairs​ - Having issues with your refrigeration system? Our experienced technicians can analyze and diagnose during routine inspections, regular service calls, or in an unexpected 3AM emergency
  • Food Safety​ - Whether you operate a large commercial kitchen, a high-end restaurant or a small cafe, the quality of your refrigeration systems is what sets your food apart. Under the right conditions, bacteria can grow rapidly, and a rise in temperature can cause food to become toxic and valuable produce to spoil. Are you willing to risk your products, patrons and reputation on unreliable refrigeration? A well-maintained cooler is an investment in your business! Let MedWell help you keep it that way. 
  • Ice Machine Cleaning​ - Fact: according to the FDA, ice is food too. A clean ice machine is an absolute must for food safety and compliance. Whether you require customized ice machine service or an all-inclusive maintenance plan, Medford Wellington will streamline all aspects of ice machine cleaning to ensure every single crevice is up to rigorous safety standards.

Why Choose Medford Wellington For Commercial Refrigeration Services? 

  • Service That Never Sleeps - Our team of experienced technicians are available 24/7.
  • A Fleet of Friendly Staff - 50+ service vehicles are on the road every day.
  • Highly-Skilled Technicians - Our fully-licensed staff has expertise in every aspect of commercial refrigeration.
  • Safety is Our Top Priority - We’re so dedicated to safety, we have full-time safety staff.
  • Industry-Leading Performance - Our expertly-trained team of technicians is always evolving to stay on top of their trade.

Call 781-396-5279 for commercial refrigeration services you can constantly count on.

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