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Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut & Southern NH

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are the foundation of the business that Medford Wellington has grown for over 50 years. All of our employees live in New England and understand how hot and humid the summers are and how cold and frigid the winters are. We are here for one purpose: to ensure our clients and their customers are comfortable and climate controlled. Our devotion to our customers (and their customers) has made us a leader for Commercial HVAC service, installation and replacements.

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Is your air conditioning blowing hot air?  Heat blowing cool air?  Is no air being blown through at all?  We can visit your business, diagnose your issue and provide you with a viable solution.  Most importantly, our technicians are available 24/7 for all of your needs.  Whether it is an emergency that will immediately cost your business time and money or routine preventative maintenance to protect your entire system, Medford Wellington is here to assist.

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  • Safety Inspections/Preventative MaintenanceNo one plans to have an accident, lose power or have have critical units go down. Medford Wellington’s safety inspections and preventative maintenance plans can help reduce to chance of that happening.  Not sure what you need?  We provide customized plans to suit your specific needs.

    Examples of tasks performed:

    Testing & Troubleshooting

    Replace Air Filters

    Test and Adjust Belts

    Check & Clear All Drain Lines

    Chemically Clean & Power Wash Condenser Coils

    Inspect Heat Exchangers

    Preventative Maintenance plans are completely customizable as to what they cover and can be be done yearly, quarterly, monthly, or at whatever increment is needed.  

  • Troubleshooting & Repair – Having issues with your system? Our experienced technicians will be able to analyze and diagnose any problems within your HVAC systems during routine inspections, during the business day on service calls, or at 3 am on an emergency call.

  • Equipment Serviced

    Packaged Rooftop Units

    Water Source Heat Pumps

    Commercial Furnace Repairs

    Makeup Air Unit

    Split Systems

    Exhaust Fans

    Exhaust Hoods

    Modular Makeup Air Systems