Gas Services

Massachusetts & New Hampshire
Gas is an integral part of many commercial businesses whether it is for a stove, hot water or part of your HVAC-R systems. No matter how complicated your gas lines and connections are, our licensed technicians can provide you with the full services needed to detect and repair gas problems, add or replace portions of your system and install all the proper detection components required by local and Federal codes. No matter what form of gas services you need, you can count on Medford Wellington Services.

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Our team is highly trained to handle gas leak detection, gas line installation, gas appliance hook ups and other services in both commercial and residential locations. We also make it a point to arrive prepared with the right parts and the highest quality equipment. By using top-shelf parts and equipment, we’ll be able to extend the life of your system and keep it working longer and more efficiently.

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Medford Wellington Services understands the cost of downtime and the importance of getting your business back up and running during an emergency. If there’s a problem, you need it fixed quickly and that’s why we never close. We offer emergency service availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our fully licensed and insured technicians, who possess the skills and tools to handle any irregularity or problem that arises, arrive prepared with the right parts and the highest quality equipment. Contact us today and we’ll send a qualified commercial technician to your door.

Emergency Services – Gas issues in the workplace can cause major trouble for your company’s productivity and can also lead to health and safety issues as well. Medford Wellington technicians are available 24/7 to quickly and confidently remedy any issues you may have.

Assessment and Testing – Worried about a leak? Not sure about the state of your current system? Let our licensed technicians inspect it to ensure it’s up to code and operating safely. If we detect any problems we will provide you with all of the options to remedy it and a timeline for us to swiftly take care of the issue. In addition we are able to assess your entire system and gauge its ability to handle the current workload, its ability to expand for more demand and how you would be able to adapt your system as the business grows.

Unit Heaters/Boilers/Rooftop Unit Installation, Replacement & Maintenance – With a full service staff including HVAC and Gas Technicians, Plumbers, and Electricians, we are able to install and maintain any parts of your business that require gas.  

Cookline Equipment Install & Replacement – Have high quality cookline equipment you need installed? Our technicians are equipped to handle your kitchen install and replacement needs including gas stoves, ovens, griddles, deep fryers and more!

Carbon Monoxide Interlocks & Sensors – Regulatory standards for carbon monoxide detection have become more strict and rigorous in recent years as more information has come to light about the amount of hospitalizations and deaths that occur each year. Whether your sensors need to be interconnected, NFPA-720 rated or contain Tamper Resistant features, we can set you up with all the pieces needed for a compliant system.