Have you ever been about to jump in the shower, letting the water run to warm up, when all of a sudden you heard a noise that made you think your house might be demon possessed?

It may have started as a low, groan, slowly adding in a little vibration and knocking noises. Finally, with a shudder like a great beast heaving its dying breath, the water spilled out of the faucet with a wheeze and a moan.

Shocked, you may have stood there clutching your towel like a crucifix, wondering if it was truly safe to stand in the shower, at the mercy of your zombie pipes.As one of the oldest and most respected plumbing companies to serve the Tewksbury area, Medford Wellington has experienced nearly every phenomenon that residential pipes can create, including the weird noises that seem to emanate from deep within the bowels of your home.

Keep reading to learn more about what causes pipes to make these otherworldly sounds, and how you can prevent it. If your pipes sound like they’re being haunted by the The Ghost of Tom Joad, we can help. Simply contact our plumbing experts to schedule an inspection today!

Noises That Residential Plumbing Often Makes

  • Whistling/Hissing
  • Chattering/Banging
  • Groaning/Moaning
  • Ticking/Dripping


What Causes Noisy Plumbing?

If you’ve been legitimately afraid that your home had developed its very own Moaning Myrtle, allow us to put your ghostly fears to rest. Although they can sound positively dreadful, there’s usually a completely reasonable explanation for noisy plumbing. Here are some causes our plumbing experts have revealed in the past:

  1. Thermal Expansion – When hot water enters cold drain lines, the result can sometimes create a ticking or dripping noise that causes people concern. As long as you’re certain that your plumbing isn’t leaking (even small leaks can lead to costly repairs!), it’s likely that the thermal expansion causing these sounds isn’t anything to be too worried about. To determine if thermal expansion is at the root of your problems, follow this simple test suggested by Angie’s List.
  2. Water Pressure Issues – If you or your Tewksbury plumbing professional has already performed a thermal expansion test and determined it’s not the root of your problem, you could have water pressure issues. Higher than normal pressure can cause vibration and rumbling noises.
  3. Air In The Pipes – Does your plumbing mostly make noises when you open a faucet or valve? If so, the issue could be air pressure in the pipes. The easiest way to check/remedy this issue is to turn off the main water valve, allowing all the water to train from your plumbing.
  4. Water Hammer – If your plumbing is giving off banging or chattering sounds when you switch the faucet off, it could be the result of a water hammer. When you turn flowing water off suddenly, it can cause the water behind it to come to a halt rapidly, crashing into the now-closed valve. This results in both noise and vibrations that can be quite unsettling. Your Medford Wellington plumbing professional would be happy to correct this problem by installing a water hammer arrestor in your Tewksbury home.

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